by Sarah MK

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(free) 02:59


released November 3, 2011

Executive Producers: Jordan Peters and Sarah Makonnen
Recorded and mixed by Jordan Peters, Montreal, Canada.
Mixing Consultant and EP sequencing by Jesse Jaeo Tolbert, Montreal, Canada.
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, NYC, USA.


all rights reserved



Sarah MK Montréal, Québec

Canadian artist Sarah MK is well-intent on redefining the preconceived notion of what a modern-day songstress should sound like. From the harmonious nature of her vocal arrangements to her melodic compositions, reflecting the thoughts and ideas of a woman with a strong sense of purpose, Sarah MK strikes the balance between message and music with graceful mastery. ... more

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Track Name: Worth It (Intro)
Said I've been high
Hit low
Sitting in the pit I'm wondering where to go

Done good
Been proud
But sometimes I messed up no doubt

Got rewarded
To shitted on
My proudest moments long gone
I've got to get better

Led a crowd
To being alone
Realized I gotta do this on my own

Been trusted
Then fed to gossip
Fueled the flame, burned, yeah I earned it

Been reprimanded
By the teacher
Experience is the best way to learn
I gotta get better

I gotta get better
walk and look straight foward (walk and look ahead)
My quest is to get it right
With all it has to offer (everything is everything)
Cuz it's worth
The ups and the downs
Said it's worth
The smiles and the frowns
Yeah its worth it
Say it's Worth...
Track Name: Think Dat
What made you think
What made you think that
What made you think that

Young boy
Feeling invincible
Thinks he knows
What lies ahead
Can't see
Anything pass his nose
Dreams on
Living life on the edge
Got girls
like in them videos
he goes hard
Says that he does not care
Says words like "clean, there's no need for rubbers"
Until the nurse pulls him aside and says

What made you think
It couldn't happen to you
What made you think that?

Young girl
Feeling untouchable
Thinks she holds
The future inside her hands
Throws stones
High on her pedestal
To those she believes don't deserve a chance
Falls down
Watches her kingdom crumble
Reaches out
But no one reaches back
No choice
Powerless gots to humble
Oblige to orders and says yes m'aam

CHORUS til end
Track Name: Just Friends
We can touch
We can kiss
We can
We can hold hands
But we're just
We're just friends

Sometimes I get a little intoxicated
Wanna let my feelings show
Hold it back cuz I just don't know
How to let you know that I want more
See this friendship that we have
Could be more than what it is
Should I respect that thin line
or should I be honest


See I could write you a letter
Sing you a song
Be a good girl
Tell you on the phone
Even better
Get myself together
Stand strong tell you how I felt all along
But everytime we meet
Boy I get cold feet
Stutter, another time I tell you how'd be
I play it low key but I'm so sick of it
Fronted, independent woman
Yeah I've done it
Cuz I need somebody to keep me warm
When the lights go down and the music's gone
And you
You'd be the perfect match
Abstract writing on my Facebook stats
Trying to let you know what I've been holding back
Scared of rejection and that's a fact
So I tip toe but one day I shall attack
Make it as clear to you as white on black


I love you baby (x7)
I love you

Track Name: Its Here
Say I can't express
How I feel so blessed
To be doing what I love and be loved back for it, its crazy
To be up on stage
Sing my heart away
Never thought I'd be so open and free
It's the only thing I could be

Let's go back
Wasn't too happy
People telling me how to be
Caught in conformity
When something was screaming in me
Time is now
Get it together
If you don't it will pass you by
Work it out do it full time
It's here

So I took a chance
Made a change of plans
It's the best thing I have ever done for me, myself
Best believe it
Feels so natural
Work is never a heavy load
And perfection is a process that never ends
I never get bored with it

Open doors
New opportunities
Doing things I wouldn't have known
Pushing my full potential
Did not know it was possible
To reach out
Connect with the people
Much more than just musical
Say yes it will bring you joy
Its here


Do whacha wanna do
What motivates you
Do whacha, do whacha, do whacha
Whacha wanna wanna do
Yeah hey yeah

Don't you know that its right there
Can't you feel it in the air
Let it happen all you gotta do is try
Endless limits reaching high

Track Name: To Be Better (Interlude)
Say I'm Worth it
Say I deserve it
To be Better, to be better...
Track Name: Ain't Hearin' It
Now if there's one thing that I can't stand
Is people using music as a way to feel grand
All up in my face like "look what I can do"
You're just a cry baby like Stewart on MadTV
Begging for attention but I won't give you any
Find me in the club with your shades on, looking flashy
Coming up to me like "wassup with you?"
"To tell you the truth well I've been chilling how about you?"
"Well I've been here, there, this, that, worked with him, worked with her"
Brotha I know
Cuz you told me the same ish 8 months ago
Prepared speech up in the studio
Showing me your skills
Boy you ill but I know the deal
You're no buffet just one meal
Heard your whole range after an hour
To busy looking busy your potential goes sour
Sing it like


Wanna talk about the fame you got
I ain't hearing it
Wanna talk about the thing you bought
I ain't hearing it
Wanna list everything you've done
I ain't hearing it
Can't be humble on some real talk
I ain't hearing it


Heard it all before
Same walk, same talk
Man its such a bore
Caught in the game, don't you ever want more?
Learn and expand, that's the way I roll
Grounded, humble, say do it for the people
All I ever wanna do it grow, never settle
Stagnate in my own potential
What i waste
Let it get to your head slows your pace
And dumbing down it poor taste
Music is a language
you gotta understand it
The more tools you got
Say the more you can command it
Gift of gab, vocab-ulary is necessary
To many ignore how greater it could be
Musically, humanly
Elevate to a higher ground
Can do so
Going around
Dumbing it down
Straight up looking better than you really sound
Straight up looking better than you really sound
Track Name: Forces
Trying to find peace of mind
Trying to defy a force stronger than we

More concrete, less trees
Makes us feel like we own on it
Skyscrapers up high
Makes us think that we fly

We be sayin' ain't right
For a storm to delay a flight
Or for a hurricane to pass
Graps everything we have without warning
Thinking we have power over something
Bigger than our egos
So powerful, grandiose
In symbiosis If
Only we could ever let it be
Can't we see, it's not us against she so

Trying to find peace of mind
Trying to defy a force stronger than we

More people in a tighter space
Makes us feel so important
And even if we can predict it
The force is strong and you can't stop it
Track Name: Should've - Part I
Woke up this morning made my mind up
Decided that I had enough
Why fight something that's not happening
Gotta learn to let it go

Walked out that door so confident
Knew the right words to say
What, where and when
But as I said my goodbyes
To my surprise
He sang this lullaby


I should've held ya a little tighter
Should've kiss ya a little longer
Should've done it all like it
Was my last time
I should've said I loved you more
and let you know that you're adored
I should've done it all like it
Was our last time

Up down, down up
And round again
I can't keep up
Got me so twisted
When you do, I don't
Is it worth it

Mind's made up but my heart speaks louder
Saying I love him but my body's so tired
Emotionally exhausted, drained, end of the rope
But now you come back and ask for more
Where am I to go?
Forgave the wrongs
But I can't forget
Accumulation of it all
Got me so broken
And the trust that once was
Isn't no more
You should've known

CHORUS til end
Track Name: Should've - Part II
(Poetry by Jjanice- in French)
Et si j'avais
Et si j'avais
Si seulement j'avais

Et si j'avais
Au conditionnel
Sommes nous conditionné
À s'aimer, s'haïr aveuglément
Et si seulement j'avais
J'aurais dû, j'aurais eu
Les meilleurs et les pires moments
Et si jamais
Pourrais-tu me pardonner?
Pourrais-tu me pardonner?
Pourrais-tu me pardonner?
Et si j'avais...

You should've kissed me a little longer
You should've loved me like you really meant it
You should've done things differently when you had the chance
You should've held me a little closer
Let me know, should've let me known

Said you should've
You should've, you would've, you could've
If you only knew it would come back to you